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What To Do When You Lose Your Dog

As pet lovers we know that a dog is more than just an animal.  It's a bonafide member of the family.  When a dog goes missing it is a heartbreaking experience filled with fear, anxiety,

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5 Of The Best Places To See Fireworks In LA

I love fireworks.  There is just something about the sound and lights that puts a smile on my face.  If you are like me,  you want to know what are the best places to check out the

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Whittier Real Estate Market Health Report

The sales data is in and we are happy to report that the data shows a healthy market with some upswings that are sure to make sellers excited. Median Sale Price rose last month to $500,000.

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7 Must Haves Home Essentials In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s face it.  In this day and age all things are possible.  Now we are not saying that a zombie outbreak is a certainty but as we have surely seen on the Walking Dead being prepared

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